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Our environment needs to be at the forefront of our focus in terms of the economy energy generation, as well being a means to combat rapidly lowering air quality and souring temperatures. Though some efforts have been made we need to instil a much greater sense of urgency in the efforts being made and through the creation of realistic initiatives begin laying the ground work for a 100% green energy infrastructure as well a substantial increase in our creation of new green areas our people can not only enjoy.

I firmly believe that the environment and initiatives around it can not only positively effect our environment and create sustainable resources we can rely on, but create a new world of opportunity in our economy through the creation of a number of new revenue streams, new jobs, new touristic attractions and of course a better quality of life for out people and their children.


Innovation & Sustainability

I believe that in order for us to secure a green economy and a more sustaibale future for our country, we need to start building sustainability now. As an island we have all we need to create innovations that distinguish us as leaders in sustainable development, renewable energies, food securities through moden farming, transportation and an entirely new job sectors.

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Quality of life

We have long focused on out Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and finanacial growth as indicators of our countries success, however I see our countries future as being one where our peoples happiness in relation to economic issues, steers the way we govern our country. Be it Economic Security, Quality of work, Quality of Consumption, Leasure Time, Environment, Leisure time, Freedom or controls the time has come for us to begin innovating and evolving the way we define success for our people and country.

My Vision

Press Conference

Free Press

For too long have we seen opresion, diluting or complete misdirection of facts and the devestation one can unleash on another simply for expressing their own opinion or presenting us and the public with a different train of thought as well as shining a light through facts on subjects we may otherwise have been oblivious too. Now is the time to become champions of our press and media, ensuring the laws in this country protect them rather than deter them or worse yet, destroy them. 

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LGBTIQ & Minorities

Though a fantastic start it is one thing to pass laws that mandate people abide by them as opposed to them actually believing in them. We have taken great steps forward, in this area, that much is clear, however much work has yet to be done, be it in providing our LGBTIQ community with the medical care they are entitled to, creating programs for them to be able to actually grow and raise families of their own or inclusion and awareness programs for our minorities.

Key to this focus will be our ability to properly educate our people where needed so that together we can work towards a community that is not tolerant but rather embracing and nutrouing to both LGBTIQ and Minority communities.

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Good Governance

For me Good Governance is simply just good politics. It is a value that must be ever present in all those who choose to serve their country and people. Thought this is something I am commited to, I see this as being a focal point for our countries continued success and happiness. Now more than ever we must commit to creating a robust system that is founded in justice and peace, which protects our peoples, their rights and liberties while fighting all those who choose to undermine it or the people.

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