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“I believe that in order to properly represent the people of Malta we need to be firm in our understanding of what is right as well as what is wrong and champion that belief, irrelevant of what might come our way. Each and every time”


“Be it right or wrong, we owe it to our people to ensure that we are accountable at all times. There is no success without failure. We shall always ensure that no matter what, we will always take responsibility for our triumphs and our failures, learn from those failures and change, so as to make room for our continued success”


“Being good or 'OK is not enough. We will always stay true to our belief in striving to achieve more, not just for ourselves but for the people who trust us to keep being better and continue to do more”


“I believe in politics with a conscience. No longer can politics allow for personal gains and injustice. We will always keep our feet firmly on the ground, so as to keep our people at the heart of all that we do”


“It is through the passion for what we do and the people we do all this for that we never give up for what we believe in and time after time stand strong with enthusiasm and energy


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